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Need some help with buying that home?  No problem there.
Our Buyer Brokerage service can do the job.

Since 1980 astute homebuyers have been engaging their own real estate brokers to represent their interests.  These realtors are classified as  "Buyer Brokers".  They are members of the Multiple Listing Service and have full access to all listings of homes in your area of interest.

Want a professional, yet personal touch?

You will get the full advantage of being able to work with your own single agent no matter where yo choose to look.  This avoids the problem of moving from one broker to another as you look in diffferent communities.

Want the full support of a real estate team?

You have the full benefit of the entire Brown-Bickler team of agents anytime you need it.                                                                                         

Brown-Bickler & Co.
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